All Photoshop Shortcuts In One Pic

Photoshop, It is the software that almost everyone uses, Currently photoshop is installed on approx 80% of computers it is the most widely used computer application. If you are a Web Designer no doubt you are a user of adobe photoshop, but nowadays even students or any basic user use photoshop because everyone like to see clear and impressive pics. But not everyone is using photoshop effectively many of us use it with only mouse buttons, do you know if you use keyboard shortcut then you can edit the same image in just half the time so here we are with an image that will help you to learn almost all basic shortcuts.


Single image with all basic photoshop shortcuts

Well to use this image just remember one thing you have to use the shift key to use the 2nd or 3rd option on that particular key.

Photoshop Shortcuts

For example, if you want to draw a line use just have to press shift + U on the 1st press you will be able to make a rectangle on 2nd press it will create a rounded rectangle on 3rd press it will draw an eclipse on 4th press it will draw polygon and on 5th press, it will create a line so that’s how you can use it.

To use this pic in your daily life you have to save it or just bookmark the page, well to save it you just have to click on the image and then the image will pop up in full quality, now just right click on save image as option and save the image.


Well, I am sure this image will help you a lot in your image editing work. if you want more tips and tricks on computer and android do follow us. I hope now you will use photoshop effectively and enjoy fast image editing. If you like this post the do share it with your friends and others share buttons are down below and ya if you have any doubt about it that feel free to comment in the comment section down below.

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