How to Add Device Frame To Screenshot

We all take screenshots lots of screenshots but if you are a blogger or youtuber you would like to put a frame on your screenshot and that screenshot will look amazing after that. Well, there are many options to choose but we are going to give you best and simplest way by which you can put a frame on your screenshot so without any further ado lets see how you can add device frame to screenshot


Add Device Frame To Screenshot Using App

The best way to put a frame on your screenshot is to use an app, We are taking a screenshot on mobile and why not put a frame on mobile itself why to do things hard way like exporting screenshot to the computer and then put a frame using the computer. so to add a mobile frame on your screenshot you will need an app called Screener – Better Screenshots

Screener - Better Screenshots
Screener - Better Screenshots
Developer: Toastcode
Price: Free


With this app, you can give your screenshot a beautiful and elegant look. In this app, you will get more than 100 different devices frame and they all look beautiful there are even smartwatch frames also available. you don’t have to update the app anytime in near future because when a new frame added to the list it can be downloaded within the app. you can put some background also which looks really awesome and its give a different feel on your screenshot. Some of the examples are given below.

Add Device Frame To Screenshot
Add Device Frame To Screenshot

As you can see we have put a frame on chrome incognito screenshot and it is looking really beautiful with these 3D frames. Now you can use all these screenshots on your blogs and youtube videos. This app can help you in many ways like you can show how the wallpaper will look on a device and you can promote your app by creating device framed screenshots or just include them in your blog post.


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