How To Boot Android Mobile Into Safe Mode

We all use android mobile and sometimes they do not work properly at that time we thought how great it would be if we can boot into safe mode just like computers. Here we are going to tell you how you can boot into the safe mode using power menu, so just sit tight and read the full article. In safe mode, you can troubleshoot your android mobile and tablet. So let’s see how to boot android mobile into safe mode

Safe mode is very useful whether it is on mobile or computer, you can troubleshoot your device using safe mode. Let’s understand this with an example suppose you have a doubt that your mobile is infected with a virus or your mobile is behaving abnormally, just reboot it in safe mode and see its performance you will know is it because of a virus or app or it is misbehaving because of some hardware issue.


Steps To Boot Android Mobile Into Safe Mode

Step 1: Just hold down the power key for a few seconds and power menu will pop up as you can see in the image.

Boot Android Mobile Into Safe Mode


Step 2: Now tap and hold the power off option until safe mode menu appears it will late 2 to 5 seconds.

Boot Android Mobile Into Safe Mode


Step 3: Click ok and it will start rebooting, after rebooting you will see a safe mode logo on the left bottom corner. Congo you are in the safe mode now. Here you will be able to only use pre-installed apps and services nothing else than that.

Boot Android Mobile Into Safe Mode


If you want to go into normal mode then just reboot normally you will see that you are in the normal mode now. There are many things which you can do with the safe mode to explore all try it by your self.


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