How To Download Instagram Videos And Images

Most of the people use Instagram now and yes it is a very easy and effective way to share images and videos. You can save images from Instagram by taking screenshots but how you will save videos? That’s why we are here, today we are sharing a trick by which you can download Instagram videos. So without any further ado let’s get started and see how to download Instagram videos and images.


Things You Will Need To Download Instagram Videos and Images

  1. Instagram installed on a mobile.
  2.  Videoder app you can download from here.
  3.  Brain.

With Videoder app you can download any kind of video that is present on the web. Youtube videos can also be downloaded and many other sites are also supported you can see all the sites which are supported by the app.


Steps to Download Instagram Videos


Step 1. First, you have to download videoder from here.

download Instagram video


Step 2. Now install videoder for om its apk file.

download Instagram video


Step 3. After installing just open it once and grand all permissions.

download Instagram video


Step 4. Now open Instagram and open video which you want to save.


Step 5. Click on the three dots above the video and choose copy link. You will see a popup of downloads option from videoder.

download Instagram video


Step 6. Click download and it will prompt you to choose format and quality select the one which you want.

download Instagram videos


Step 7. After choosing the quality it will start downloading the video or image that you choose and yes it is the best quality that is present on Instagram.

download instagram videos


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This app can download videos and images from many sites. You can also download youtube videos with this app. To Download, youtube videos process is same just copy the link and it will prompt you to download that video just like Instagram. I hope you will like this information and if you have any doubt then feel free to comment in the comment section down below.


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