How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any App on Computer or Mobile

We all browse YouTube approx daily, and sometimes we got some interesting video over there which we want to store locally on our lappy or smartphone. For example, sometimes you watch a cool music video and want to store it locally on your mobile or want to send it through WhatsApp or any other app. So here we are going to represent a trick by which you can save youtube video locally on your computer, android mobile, iPhone iPad or even on basic mobile also. Just sit tight and read the full post so you can download YouTube videos without any App on computer or mobile.

I am going to represent this process on android mobile but you can do this on any device steps are same and easy enough even a 2-year-old kid can do.


Steps to Download YouTube Videos

Step 1: Open your youtube app or open on your browser then open any video which you want to save locally on your mobile or computer.

Step 2: After opening the video just copy its URL on the mobile app. It is a little tricky you have to click on video then on right side corner you will she share button. For your help, we are representing an image so you can understand better(here we are coping your youtube channel’s video you can do this trick on any video).

Download YouTube Videos



Step 3: If you click share button a popup menu will appear and you have to tap on copy link button. This will copy URL of this video.

Download YouTube Videos



Step 4: After copying the URL you have to open any browser on your mobile, and if you are doing this process on lappy or computer then open a new tap, here you have to open a website

Download YouTube Videos



Step 5: Now when the website is in front of you. You just have to past the URL which you have copied in step 3  into the box given named as “Enter Your YouTube Link Here…”.

Download YouTube Videos



Step 6: After pasting the URL just click the download mp4 button and it will represent you all the format in which you can save the video. Most of the time it gives “Download MP4”, “Download MP4 HD”, “Download MP3”. Yes you can convert any music or audiobook video in mp3 over here.



Step 7: After Selecting the format it will start downloading as you can see in the image down below.


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I hope after reading this article you will be able to save any youtube video in mp4 and mp3 without any app or software. If you find this article useful then share it with your friends also. If you have any confusion about this process then feel free to comment in the comment section down below.


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