How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Mobile

In this new era of Information Technology, everyone has a lot of data but do you feel uncomfortable when you lost your all daily data in just browsing and searching if yes then you are on right place today we are sharing some tips and tricks by which you can minimize your data usage on android mobile. Most of us use many apps like youtube WhatsApp chrome and many other common apps, these apps consume lots of data. So without further ado lets  see how you can reduce data usage on android mobile


Steps to Reduce Data Usage On Android Mobile

#1 Use Chrome Data Saver

reduce data usage on android mobile

Most of us use Chrome browser to access the web, Chrome browser is one of the fastest browsers available on the play store. Chrome browser comes in top 5 browser in the world but if we talk about Android there is a close competition between UC browser and Chrome. It is pre-installed that’s why most of the users use chrome but chrome consumes lots of data when you start to surf the web. Do you know you can reduce this data usage by using inbuilt data saver feature of chrome? You can activate this by going to the menu button, and then Settings now navigate to Advanced -> Data Saver and enable it. By the following procedure, you can reduce data usage on android mobile while browsing the web and this feature even works for videos. If you are watching videos then it will reduce its data too.


#2 Set Data Limit

reduce data usage on android mobile

You can also reduce your data usage by setting a data limit on your android mobile so not more than that limit can be used. For example, if you have 1gb data cap so you can set your data usage limit on 50MB so it will give you a notification when you will reach the limit. By this, you will know that from now on you have to use data carefully. you can set data limit by going in Settings> Wireless & Networks> Data Usage and then turn on ‘Set Mobile Data Limit’.


#3 Restrict Background Data Usage

reduce data usage on android mobile

You can reduce data by restricting background data usage. When you enable this feature for a certain app, that app will not be able to use data when it is in the background. You can understand this better with this example lets imagine you restrict background data for WhatsApp so WhatsApp will not check or download any message and it will not be able to connect the internet when it is not on your screen. To do this just open Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Usage. Now there click on right top three dotted buttons and click restrict background usage. You can do this for every app or for whole mobile.


#4 Use Opera Max

reduce data usage on android mobile

Opera Max is a VPN app that creates a virtual private network between user and server. But how opera max is different than other VPN apps? Well, when opera max servers receive a request for sending some data they compress it and then opera max app on your movie decompress that data that’s how a large data is received in minimized form so that’s how opera max works. Nowadays opera max comes as Samsung max if you have a Samsung mobile then you can easily download and install this app but if you don’t have a Samsung mobile then you have to find a 3rd party website from where you can download opera max apk file.

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By using all the above tips and tricks you can reduce data usage on android mobile up to 50% and I think that’s a good sign. Well, if you are using 400 MB daily then it will cut to 200 MB right. I hope this article will help you out, if you like the tips and tricks then don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Share buttons are down below. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment in the comment section down below.

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