How To Take Screenshot Windows 10

Hi there, this is Puneet and today I am going to tell you how to take screenshot windows 10. We all take screenshots to keep the record of something, like if you are getting a popup message then you can take its screenshot to keep its record what you get as popup. but the question arises how to take a screenshot in windows. In Android, this task is really easy but in windows, it is a little tricky so let’s see how to take a screenshot in windows.


Steps To Take Screenshot Windows

First let me tell you these steps are common for Windows 7, 8, and 10 so don’t worry and start reading. There are two methods which are described below.


There are two methods to take a screenshot

1st method

Stock Method

Easy and good for fewer screenshots

2nd method

3rd party app method

little tricky but good for many screenshots


Let’s talk about 1st method

1st Method: You can take a screenshot by using stock tool which is present in start> all program> accessories > snipping tool. This tool will let you take screenshots just click on new and start taking screenshots but whenever you want to take a screenshot you have to open snipping tool.

Screenshot Windows

Screenshot Windows

You can choose new and it will let you choose how much screen area you want to capture as a screenshot.


2nd Method: 2nd method is using a 3rd party app well I prefer greenshot for taking screenshots. You can get it from the link given below.screenshot windows


With greenshot app, you can take several screenshots by just pressing prt scr button. Just press prt sc button and it will prompt you to choose screen area which you want as a screenshot. There are many 3rd party apps available in the market but greenshot is free and can be used to take many screenshots in a row.

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I hope this information will help you in taking screenshots in windows computer. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment in the comments section down below. Find this information useful then share it with your friends share buttons are down below.

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