New Kindle Lite App In Just 2MB

Amazon Kindle Lite is the new app launched by which you can use to read and purchase books online. Amazon Kindle is the best online ebook selling and reading platform no doubt but now they are targeting budget-oriented market also. Most of the people who like to read ebooks are from higher income groups but Amazon is trying to capture lower income group also. That’s why Amazon introduce kindle lite app, this app can be installed on any basic android mobile which is really underpowered. Size of this app is just 2 MB currently, can’t guaranty it will be this small in future or not. So let’s see what you can do with this app…..



Amazon Kindle Lite features


#1 Small Size: The First feature of this app is its small size, yes amazon kindle lite comes in just 1.9 MB of size. For budget-oriented mobles this app is a great way to read ebooks. Most underpower mobile cant install full version Kindle app because of the limitation of storage and RAM but this app will help them a lot. 

amazon kindle lite


#2  Read Free Books:  You can read thousands of free book with kindle lite app. kindle lite app is also offering free books as kindle main app offers so hurry up and download kindle lite app.

amazon kindle lite


#3 Manage Data And Storage: You can manage your data stored by app in this variant and it helps allot in small devices, like I have an old mobile and it was just sitting in my drawer but now I can install amazon kindle lite on it and can read books without wasting battery on my main mobile.

amazon kindle lite


#4 Sample books:  You can read the sample of the book before buying the book and this is the most beautiful part of amazon kindle because you can’t judge a book by its cover. you have to read some of the pages to see if the book is interesting or not so, in my opinion, it is a plus point.

amazon kindle lite


#5 Night Mode: Night mode is also available on this app so you can read in the night without eye strain sometimes it comes in handy when you have an interesting book and want to read some more pages but your eyes feel heavy.

amazon kindle lite

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