Review Of Power Bank Ambrane P-1122

Ambrane is a big name in power bank industry. They manufacture a variety of power bank from 10$ to 100$. Here we are going to talk about Ambrane P-1122 power. It is the most sold power bank in India. Let’s see its pros and cons without further ado lets get started.

Ambrane P1122 Power bank has 14.4 cm height, 6.2 cm width, 2.1 cm thickness and weighs approx 300g. It comes with a modern design with good built quality. It has a power on/off buttons and 4 Blue LED indicators to show battery status. This power bank comes with three color option(blue, brown, gray) with the same price tag, which is really very rare in case of the power banks. Ambrane P1122 have 10000 mAh capacity and it is really a very powerful power bank. With this much power, you can charge your 4000 mAh mobile up to 2 times in a row. This power bank comes with 3 USB ports 2 amp each. It means you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. The power bank is powered by Li-ion cell which means less self-charge loss or any other power losses while standby.

Ambrane P-1122

Features of Ambrane P-1122:

1. Protective Circuits For The Li-ion Cells.
2. Short Circuit Protection.
3. Incorrect Insertion Protection.
4. Reset Mechanism.
5. Over Voltage Protection.
6. Temperature Control.
7. Protection From Output Over Current.
8. Overcharge Protection.


In the Box of Ambrane P-1122 You Will Get:

1. Power Bank

2. A USB Cable which is USB To Micro USB 15 cm Long cable

3. A short Manual



1. Build quality Is really very good.

2. Glossy & beautiful design(sparkling body).

3. Triple USB output 5V 2.1Amp.

4. A bright LED torch.

5. The torch can rotate up to 180 Degrees.


1. There is no 5V 1Amp Outlet for old devices.

2. No digital meter o see the remaining charge.

3. Take 10 hr. to full charge

4. Short charging cable.


Calculation Working Efficiency

Efficiency = (Voltage Rating Of Battery Cells) / (Output Voltage Rating Of Power Bank)

So Efficiency = (3.7 Volt) / (5 Volt)

Efficiency In Percentage = (3.7 / 5) * 100 = 74% (This Efficiency You Will Get From This Power Bank)

So Result Is Clear = You Will Get 7400 mAh Efficiency (Based On Output 5 Volt)

But In Real Life Is = 6400 mAh To 6800 mAh (This Is What We Achieve When It Comes In Working)

NOTE: Want a Quick Result For Your Mobile Just See What Ampere Your Battery Is Holding (For Eg. If 3100 mAh Then It Can Charge 2.5 Times)



While testing this power bank, I felt that in this price range this Ambrane P-1122 is the best power bank because this power bank gives 2amp current which charge device very quick and I can charge even my Mac with this power bank. My 3000 mAh mobile (Redmi 3s prime) got charged approx 2.5 times in a row with this power bank. It seems that  Ambrane P-1122 have really good life because I am using this for last 6 months and it is working really fine. It’s been said that this Ambrane P-1122 power bank can be charged up to 500 Times



It has a 1-year warranty.


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I hope you will like this review, this is all my personal opinion if you have any doubt about this power bank then you can comment in the comment section down below.


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