See What Google Knows About You

Believe it or not but Google Knows everything about you. Your likes your dislikes, your current location, searches you have ever made, all services you use, apps that have access to your data. Impact of this can be good and bad both, can you imagine if all this data goes in wrong hands how dangerous it can be? Just think once if some hacker got your all info how disastrous it can be. Without any further ado, lets see what Google knows about you


Let’s See What Google Knows About You


#1 Google knows all Your Interests

You will not believe but yes Google knows what you are interested in. If it is movies tech or any other thing Google knows it all what you like and what you dislike. In order to serve better ads related to you, Google makes your profile for serving relevant ads. You can control and view the information that Google has on you from this link here:


#2 Google Knows Your Location History

We all use android mobile and always keep it with us that’s how google knows our location every time and they even record it. Well, Google uses your location history to give you better features and efficiency on google maps but yes just suppose if they use it to track you or something else it gives me goosebumps. You can see your entire location history by clicking this link here:


#3 Google Records Your Entire Search History

Google records your every single search which you ever made even if it is 5 years ago or 10 they have records of all searches which you ever make. By this, they record your interest and your likes and dislikes. suppose if you search how to create a website so they will know it and start showing you ads about web hosting and domains. you can check your search history here:


#4 Google Knows What Services You are Using

Google has an Account activity page that tells you about all the Google services that you are using. You can even enable or disable these services from here just give it a try, you can see all your services at this link:


#5 See All Apps That Have Access to Your Google Account

The Account activity page offers a list of the apps that have any type of access to your Google data. All these apps can access your google ID information. You can see exactly what type of permissions granted to these apps and you can revoke access to your data from this page. To see the list of the apps just click here:


#6 You Can Export All Your Google Data

Yes, you can export all your Google data like chrome bookmarks, your emails, contacts, drive files, profile info, your youtube videos, photos and more ever your search results. you can get it from here:


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Hope now you will secure your Google account because if someone got access to it, it can be really dangerous. you can imagine how dangerous it can be. This article is to inform you what Google knows about you and sometimes they know more about you than you. If you like this article then share it with your friends and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment in the comments section down below.


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