Why Your Android Mobile Is Getting Slow and How To Fix It

.Hi there, this is Puneet and today we are going to talk about speeding up old android mobiles so sit tight and read the full article. When we buy a new android mobile it works like lightning but after some time it becomes slow and then slower. After a few months, it feels old and starts working just as your old android mobile was working. So whats the point in buying a new mobile with the latest hardware a higher RAM and increased storage if it is working same as your previous mobile. Do you know what is the problem with your new mobile why it is getting slow day by day? The answer depends on many points like how much storage is used, what amount of RAM is in use, battery voltage and many other. So let’s see why your android mobile is getting slow and how you can fix them.


Why Your Android Mobile Is Getting Slow & Its Solutions


1st problem: Full Storage

This is the most common problem in nowadays mobile. We all use android mobile and download files every now and then and keep using mobile without deleting our previous downloaded files. This makes your mobile storage full and because of this, you can face issues like slow performance and storage full error. When your mobile become full with junk files its memory index becomes large and it becomes hard for the processor to find a file from index so it becomes a little time taken and you feel that your smartphone is getting slow day by day.

FIX: First of all, you have to check your mobile storage for this go to setting>storage or you can use a third party file manager so you can diagnose your mobile storage. Now a question arises how much storage should we keep free? the answer is pretty simple always try to keep 40% free. for example, if your mobile has 16GB of storage then try to keep 6GB free. More free storage more smooth your mobile will be. To clear your mobile storage you can use any third party app like es file explorer. With the help of an app, you can easily delete old files and folders which are not needed anymore or move media files on an SD card simple.


2nd Problem: Cached data

Every android mobile store some files that are accessed on the web like if you browse youtube on your mobile it will store its videos in a special section called cache. Now, whenever you will access that video again your mobile will check cached data and if your mobile finds those previously cached files then it will load that video without wasting your bandwidth. But with time this cached data becomes large and the phone will stop responding while searching previously cached data. So that’s how cached data slows down your phone.

Fix: To fix this issue just go to Settings > Storage > Click Cached data > choose clear cache. You must clear your mobile cached data every week so it will load pages faster and your mobile will not hang. Make it a habit and I am sure you will feel the difference in your mobile speed.


3rd Problem: Installed Apps

If your mobile has a large number of apps installed then it will become laggy and you will face problem while jumping from one app to other but question arise how? The answer is really very simple whenever an app gets installed it has to be processed and acquires some time of processor and a large number of apps acquire a large time so when we try to do something on our mobile but the processor is busy with that app then you will feel that your mobile is lagging.

FIX: To solve this problem the fix is really very simple just go to settings > app. Now here you will see a complete list of apps that are installed on your mobile. simply start uninstalling the apps that you don’t use that much. or if you want you can take backup of your app by using an app like app backup and restore.


4th Problem: High use of RAM

High filled RAM can also slow down your mobile. New Android mobile comes with better RAM management but still sometimes when we try to run many apps RAM become full and we feel that our mobile is getting slow and not working properly. A large number of installed apps can also lead you to this problem because every app that we install will store its files on RAM to load faster.

FIX: To fix this problem you can do many things like you can uninstall apps are you use occasionally. Another tip is that open your recent apps and then swipe away the apps that you don’t want to use every now and then. make this your habit and it will really make your android fast and smooth.


5th Problem: High Uptime

Well if you use your phone for a long time without rebooting it will slowly and gradually slow down. When we use Android mobile without rebooting for a long time, mobile stores large amount of data and RAM also become slow because error files and logs become large and this makes mobile slow.

FIX: Just check your uptime go to Settings > About > status here you will see uptime check it if your mobile uptime is more than 100 hr then simply reboot it. It will solve your problem all apps and RAM will get a new start so they will work fast.

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These are the reasons that why your android mobile is getting slow. Well after doing all this your mobile will start working fast if not then simply do a restore factory reset and it will start working fast again. I hope this article will help you to make your old mobile fast again. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and if you have any doubt then feel free to comment in the comment section down below.


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